Jacques Intriere, owner of The Greenwich Golf Fitting Studio (nee World Golf, Inc.), is certified by the The Professional Clubmakers Society (PCS) as a Professional Class “A” Clubmaker and Certified  Class “A” Clubfitter.  He is recognized by the PCS as an expert in club fitting and club making, and has twice been recognized as PCS Eastern Regional Clubmaker of the Year (2004 & 2006).  In October, 2003, he was  recognized by Golfsmith to be a master craftsman as well as the top custom clubmaker in the New York City tri-state area.

In October, 2004, he was selected as the Golf Clubmakers Association (CGA) Eastern Regional Clubmaker of the Year.

In March, 2003, Mr. Intriere was honored to receive the PCS Elmore Just Award which recognizes his outstanding contributions to the Professional Clubmakers’ Society.

He has received Golfsmith’s Elite Clubmaker Award (2003) and  Distinguished Clubmaker Award (1999).  These awards recognize his dedication to the field of golf clubfitting and clubmaking.

Mr. Intriere believes in continuing professional development.  The day he stops learning is the day he’ll leave the business.  He is a charter member of the International Clubmakers’ Guild (ICG),  and has served on the ICG Exploratory and Steering Committees.  In February 2011, he was elected to the ICG Board of Directors (reelected in 2014), and has served three terms as ICG Secretary. In March 2016, he was elected ICG President. He has spent countless hours working to help the ICG achieve its mission of elevating the skills of its membership and promoting awareness of the Guild to the golfing public.

Mr. Intriere has been recognized by Mizuno every year between 2005 and 2012 as a top 100 club fitter.  In 2013, his one man facility was recognized by Golf Digest as one of the best 100 club fitters, and he was selected by Callaway to be one of only twenty five accounts (now 32) nationwide to build with their proponents (heads) and one of only 10 accounts with access to  their “pro” tour only heads.  In 2014, he received the designation of Flightscope Certified Professional, ICG Certified Clubmaker,  became the first ICG member to attain the level of Certified Clubfitter, and was selected by Taylor Made as one of only 22 accounts world wide to build with their 2015 proponents line.  In October 2015, he was selected by PXG as a certified fitter and builder; one of a handful of one man operations with that designation.

In December, 2015, it was announced that he is the ICG 2016 Worldwide Clubmaker of the Year. In September 2016, he was recognized to be a Callaway Top 100 Fitter (out of over 8,000 accounts).  On November 29, 2016, Golf Digest Magazine announced that Jacques’ one man facility is once again a top 100 Golf Digest Clubfitter; on December 4, 2018 his facility again was awarded  the biannual top 100 Golf Digest Clubfitter.