Driver adjustability

Customers often ask me why they should buy an adjustable driver. After all, the point of coming to see me is to end up with perfectly fitted clubs.

The beauty of adjustable drivers is that they add more levels of customization. Just like adjusting lie and loft angles for irons, we can further tweak the driver to give you your optimal face angle and loft. Just as a change in swing from lessons may necessitate a change in iron lie angles (going more upright or flatter), a swing change or improvement may make obsolete a face angle. E.g., if you come to me with slice issues and we set the driver closed, as you improve your swing, we can change the face angle to square or even open. You don’t have to buy a new driver. If your swing speed has increased and the driver head is still optimal, we can quickly change the shaft to a stiffer one.

There are also occasions where you may want to change your driver’s loft. So, if you’re playing in the New York City tri-state area on typically softer courses which are not exposed to wind, you may want to keep the driver on the standard or higher loft setting. Conversely, if you travel to Florida, Texas, Bandon Dunes, United Kingdom or Ireland, you may want to lower your loft setting to help lower your ball flight.

A final advantage of the click and play adjustable driver is that you can remove the head for airline flights. No more broken driver shafts when you arrive at your golfing destination or back home (I repair 50 – 60 drivers broken by the airlines every year).