Some Recent Genbook Reviews.

Some recent Genbook testimonials:

Nov 6, 2016
Robert Masters
Professional fitting

“I have had several fittings for irons and woods before, but nothing to the extent of this one. I think this was extremely professional, thorough and enjoyable. I ended the session convinced I made the right decision to come here.”
Oct 29, 2016

Kevin Theissen

Full Fitting
“Just had my first full fitting. The 3 hours flew by and I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to playing the new set!”
Oct 27, 2016

Paul H

Putter Fitting
“Couldn’t be happier. I feel confident with my new putter and definitely see a difference on the course. Great guy. Wouldn’t look anywhere else for a fitting.”Oct 7, 2016

Irons Fitting

“Third fitting with Jacques over the last 7 years for various clubs. Always extremely up to date and knowledgeable about what he reps. Offers his advice, but will follow the customers lead on the final order. Jacques hand-builds all clubs himself in his shop- he doesn’t just place an order. The appearance of Greenwich Golf looks like the studio of a mad scientist- this is a good thing. ”

Aug 17, 2016
Driver fitting

“Went to Jacques after my friend bought the PXG’s from him and loves them. High tech good hitting bay. Club builder of the year for a reason. ”

Aug 17, 2016
Patrick B
Driver and Iron fitting

“Had no idea what to expect. Jacques make the experience exciting and fun. Well worth the money. Very pleased with my clubs.”

Aug 11, 2016
Mitch K
A Professional Fitting – A New Experience!

“Jacques came highly recommended by two friends who happened to be fabulous golfers. As I high handicapper, I was initially hesitant to make the appointment. I’m so glad I did. Jacques was patient, highly knowledgeable and made the fitting a very positive experience. Additionally, he gave me more than a few great swing tips. The difference with the clubs we ended up with was significant. I’m looking forward to picking up the finished product!”

Aug 9, 2016
Bruce Payne

PXG iron fitting

“I had read a lot of reviews on the studio and Jacques all were very very good but to be honest i did not expect them to be as good as it was. Jacques knows his stuff and a very nice man ….you feel completely relaxed and confident your getting the right fit. I would highly recommend to anyone to go there no matter your handicap you carry . If 6 star was offered that would be my rating ”

July 31, 2016
Daniel Yi

“Great experience and incredible knowledge from Jacques! Unbelievable how much improvement there was from warming up with my current irons to the set-ups he was suggesting. Can’t wait to go back!”

“Jacques provided a great fitting experience for my 13 year old son. He grew out of his “junior clubs” and now has the correct sized clubs that fit his swing. I recommend seeing Jacques for an honest and professional fitting that will certainly improve your game.”
June 20, 2016

Charles B
Well Worth the 4-Hour “Commute”

“I drove from Syracuse for a follow-up session with Jacques on a set he fitted me for 2 yrs ago. In going through each club, Jacques saw – & helped me correct – a swing flaw that has been a killer over the past year. He readjusted hybrids & woods & constructed an additional iron for my set. That was it. On Sunday I played my best round in weeks, drives much more consistent with better accuracy & distance, while hybrids consistently 10-20 yards longer with booming height. You the man, Jacques!”

May 31, 2016

Pete P

“I travel in from Dublin OH to be fit by Jacques. I was fitted the first time about 5 years ago. What a difference it made in my game. He knew the right clubs and shafts to recommend. I returned last week and was fit again for new irons. I tried all the new models and Jacques helped me decide on a new set. Being fit by Jacques is a top notch experience. It will change your game.”

May 24, 2016

David Better

“Do not go anywhere else. I would recommend Jacques 10/10 times. The personal attention is phenomenal and his deep knowledge of his trade is obvious to customer.”
May 23, 2016

Carter Brokaw

“Jaques is extrememy knowledgeable and provided an overall great club fitting experience. Comprehensive selection of clubs and shafts that made the decision much easier. ”
May 19, 2016


Game changer
“if you don’t come to Jaques to get fitted you are making a mistake. Best thing ii’ve ever done for my game. And he’s a nice guy to boot. Win win. ”
May 14, 2016

Jeff Pomerantz

Driver club fitting
“I have known Jacques for 6+ years and have always found him to be very professional in his approach. I brought a friend to see him this week for a driver fitting; it was a revelation for him because all he had ever experienced were demo days at his club. I would recommend Jacques to anyone who is serious about improving his game.”
Apr 28, 2016


Always The Best
“Jacques is the finest professional in his field. His knowledge, concern, and strict quality are all greatly appreciated. ”
Apr 24, 2016
Aaron Cohen

Why Greenwich golf studio makes sense
“I rarely write reviews and let me say that I’ve just ordered and not yet played my new PXG irons. But I just think Jacques will help you play better golf. If you’re like me you spend plenty of money on Golf through club fees, vacations,lessons etc. it’s an expensive hobby. I Jacques fit me for a driver 2 years ago and now I’ve bought purchased hybrid through lob. He’s a master club maker and the perspective is unique. I think you will score better and that’s worth the investment. ”
Apr 19, 2016

Don’t go anywhere else
“No matter your skill level, it’s hard to imagine you could be better prepared than having Jacques getting you the right clubs made the right way for your swing – simply the best!”
Apr 4, 2016
skip falcone

Absolutely dynamite. Great experience
“Jacques has a great way of dealing with his customers so that you get the best out of your fitting experience. Relaxed atmosphere but very informative. Highly recommended.”
Apr 1, 2016

Great Fitting
“Best Fitting I’ve had… Jacques is the man! Very fun and informative experience… Jacques has a lot of experience.”
Mar 22, 2016
Gail T

Driver fitting
“Zeroed in on the right type of shaft that was best for me. Then we addressed the driver head. The fitting was very organized and professional with the goal of finding the driver that was going to be the best performer for my swing. I would always recommend a personal fitting session to any fitting you would get at a demo day.”
Mar 20, 2016
Brian E

Unequivocally Impressed!
“I have a solid background as a former collegiate golfer but have never truly been fitted for clubs. I had also given up the game for 15 years until recently and needed help with equipment. I spent 3 hrs with Jacques for a full fitting including woods, irons, wedges and putter. I was unequivocally impressed with his professionalism and knowledge and his ability to use state of the art technology to determine which clubs and shafts worked best for me. The sky is the limit for my game this season”
Mar 18, 2016

First class experience
“Jacques is thoroughly informed and experienced across the entire range of clubs and shafts and grips. A pleasure to deal. There is no doubt these clubs will improve consistency and distance. ”
Feb 19, 2016
Brian Maini