Fitting and Building of Custom OEM Heads

We offer one stop shopping for all of your golf club needs. Our four step fitting process determines the optimal specifications for your golf clubs. Then your clubs are either built on site (like a tour van) or double checked and adjusted after arriving from the factory. Additional quality check of sorting shafts with our APS (Advanced Profiling System) machine adds an unmatched level of precision and matching of shafts during the build process.

The Greenwich Golf Fitting Studio is amongst the elite in the field of club fitting and club making. One of only 32 Callaway Proponent accounts (10 with access to pro heads), one of only 22 world wide Taylor Made head accounts, one of a handful of certified PXG fitters/builders, we combine the rare combination of club fitting and club making done by the same person on site. Fittings are not done by outsourced software and built off site. Each club is fitted and meticulously built by one person who has the experience of having served over 10,000 clients and each year continues to invest in learning which products and technology will best help his clients. Please ask your fitter where your clubs are built. There’s the fit, and then there’s delivering to that fit.

We prescribe the prescription and fill it out – one stop shopping.