Value Added Pricing

I would like to address the basis of my pricing for people viewing my website who are considering scheduling a fitting appointment.

Since I have the experience (over 10,000 clients served), qualifications, certifications, tools, and equipment, I’m able to offer value-added services which increase both the value and the price of the products I offer. My typical graphite shafted set of irons runs from around $900 to $1500 (PXG will be much higher). Individual woods typically run from $299 to $499, but can run as high as $849 (TM or Callway w/ Accra CS1). People work hard for their money, and my clubs are not inexpensive, but I believe that they are an excellent value for several reasons.

First, I use the best heads, shafts, grips, and fitting and clubmaking tools.

Second, you will be fitted (sessions last up to three hours) for your optimal specs, and the clubs will be built to those specs. There’s the fit, and then there’s the build. You’d be astonished at how poorly custom clubs are built at the factory to custom spec’d orders. Clubs we build are actually built to your exact specifications with the tightest tolerances. Shafts are matched and sorted using our frequency analyzer and APS Machine (shaft profiling). Shafts are then SST Pured (for an optional upcharge). Heads are weight sorted and adjusted for loft and lie. After sale services are included in the price as well. For example, when you picks up your irons, each individual iron is hit off a lie board and adjusted.

Third, I’m more interested in building long term customer satisfaction and relations then in making the quick sale. If any customer has a problem with his clubs, I will do everything possible to adjust them to work as promised, including reshafting, changing grips, adjusting lofts and lies, and even changing heads.

Fourth, clubs which fit you and are built to the highest standards will last you longer.  One of my main jobs is to get you off the equipment merry-go-round.  I’ll actually save you money by helping you stop buying clubs year in year out in search of the perfect clubs.   Any premium you might pay for my clubs will continue to pay dividends down the road as you know you’re playing with the right sticks.  My job is to take your equipment out of the equation.  You’ll know you’re playing with the right right clubs, that there are no equipment induced mishits in your bag, and that you can focus on improving your golf game.

Ultimately, I compete on quality and services provided, not on price. I provide not only first-rate service and products, but help lower my customer’s golf scores. Lowering your golf score — what would you pay?