Club fitting

Club fitting is a multi-step and time consuming process that is both fun and educational.  We’ll learn together what club design makes sense for your swing, physique and golf game.

Our multi step club fitting process:

  1. Player interview determines player’s history and goals (distance, trajectory, accuracy, and feel).
  2. The golfer’s current equipment is completely  evaluated on our various guages.  Shaft frequency and club length are measured on our Mitchell Frequency Analyzer.   We measures iron loft and lie angles on our Mitchell Angle Machine.  Swingweight, face angle, and grip size are also measured.  The player interview along with evaluation of current clubs provides us with clues as to what is good and bad with the current clubs.  The idea here is to leverage the golfer’s playing history.
  3. Player’s swing and ball flight are analysed using Flightscope X3 Launch Monitor (with Fusion Tracking) and HD Golf Simulator
  4. Hitting various test clubs to determine which club specifications optimize the player’s performance and best meet his playing goals.
  5. New clubs are designed and built.
  6. Alterations are made.  The putter, for example, is actually cut to length, swingweighted, and adjusted for lie at customer pickup.