On Site Fitting and Building of Custom OEM Heads

We offer one stop shopping for all of your golf club needs. Our four step fitting process determines the optimal specifications for your golf clubs. Then your clubs are either built on site (like a tour van) or double checked and adjusted after arriving from the factory. Additional quality check of sorting shafts with our […]

Some Recent Genbook Reviews.

Some recent Genbook testimonials: Nov 6, 2016 Robert Masters Professional fitting “I have had several fittings for irons and woods before, but nothing to the extent of this one. I think this was extremely professional, thorough and enjoyable. I ended the session convinced I made the right decision to come here.” Oct 29, 2016 Kevin […]

Jacques recognized as Callaway Top 100 Fitter

I was proud to be recognized – out of over 8,000 Callaway accounts –  as a Callaway Top 100 Fitter. This is a reflection of the great products Callaway is making and the fantastic performance they’re providing my customers. Like most of the brands I carry, I’m both fitting and building Callaway products for my […]

Bob Parsons tells the PXG Story.

Owner Bob Parsons explains PXG’s approach to designing and building golf clubs:  PXG will only make golf clubs that deliver the best performance no matter the cost or time constraints.  I’m proud and honored to have been selected by PXG to fit and build their clubs. Mr. Parsons explains the PXG numbering system. I couldn’t […]

Just some of our new high tech heads

The golf industry is finally developing a more rational schedule for releasing their products.  For years, companies like Mizuno and Titleist have been releasing several new iron models with a two year cycle each Fall.  Callaway’s high end irons will now also have a two year cycle and come out during the 4th 1/4.  This […]