Just some of our new high tech heads

The golf industry is finally developing a more rational schedule for releasing their products.  For years, companies like Mizuno and Titleist have been releasing several new iron models with a two year cycle each Fall.  Callaway’s high end irons will now also have a two year cycle and come out during the 4th 1/4.  This […]

Forged irons

The forging process makes irons more consistent by avoiding the shrinkage and inconsistency of air pockets which occurs during the cooling of liquid metal in the casting process.  Forgings start out as billets of soft carbon steel.  Billets are heated, stretched, bent, pressed into shape through several molds and then hand ground and finished before […]

Another happy customer.

First, I hope you are well. Soooo. It has been several weeks since you provided me with the new sticks. I have played three times. I am VERY happy. They are great. You decision to give me slightly longer shafts in combination of lighter heads has made a huge difference! Shot 82 at Stanwich on […]