Chronicles of Mike (testimonial)

It’s always satisfying to hear from happy customers.

May 21 — “Jacques,

I hit the 5 and 6 irons fantastic without any extra effort, i had smooth swing going.  6 iron carried 170 to 175, and 5 iron longer.  So I need to continue to play and monitor new distances.   I have much more penetrating ball flight trajectory with new irons.  I also was hitting an ever so slight draw with those 2 clubs.

Driver was awesome again!
I was consistently 1st or 2nd longest out of all 8 golfers. ”

June 10 —

I continue to hit the driver extremely well ,… with a slight draw that I never really had – better swing also factor.

yesterday was10 of 14 fairways at Hollow Brook, shot 78 from Blues,…

the RBZ 22 degree continues to be awesome,.  only kink I have to work out is true length of carry on new irons, will take time but I;m hitting the ball better than ever – thank you! one other kink, may be,.. is the new Gap wedge is longer than expected and is coming close to PW club,.. so I’ll wait but probably come back in a few weeks and ask for your help figuring out the short game clubs.

Again – the new irons are great.  I am solid club and 1/2 longer.hope your doing well!  Michael”

June 30 — His First Hole in One!

162 yards with new 7 iron