Testimonial raving about Steelfiber shafts

Peter is a very busy physician who just played his first two rounds with his new clubs at a pretty special place.  Thanks for making my day Peter.

Hey Jacques,

I wanted to give my sincerest thanks for the Miura CB 501 irons you built! I had a great time at Spyglass and Pebble and definitely enjoyed the new sticks. Shot 82 at spyglass and 85 at pebble (sadly 4 balls into the ocean inflated that score). After playing the 17th hole at Pebble in your shop, I was ready for the real thing. Unfortunately I didn’t realize how shallow the green really is!

I will call/email you in a couple months to set up a driver/woods fitting.

Again, thanks for the clubs and pointing me towards the Steelfibers — singing your praises!