Jacques Intriere

Just some of our new high tech heads

The golf industry is finally developing a more rational schedule for releasing their products.  For years, companies like Mizuno and Titleist have been releasing several new iron models with a two year cycle each Fall.  Callaway’s high end irons will now also have a two year cycle and come out during the 4th 1/4.  This […]

Big Fish Golf is here!

Big Fish Golf proponents have had top finishes on every major tour in Asia.  Now available at top fitters/builders in the USA, Big Fish offers the rare combination of precision, forgiveness and adjustability (bendable =/-6 degrees, and standard and J weight heads 15 grams under).  Schedule your Big Fish fitting with Jacques today.    

Callaway Proponent Program

I am pleased to announce that in early 2013, I was chosen to be one of 25 Callaway accounts nationwide — and the only one in the New York City tri-state area and Connecticut — to be allowed to purchase and build with Callaway Proponents (heads). This was a marketing program, and Callaway has been […]

Crush Zone Technology

Customers call me up every winter and ask me what’s new in technology. The biggest improvement in club technology in 2012 is the application of crush zone technology to fairway metals and hybrids.  Similar to the driver face deflection which increases compression of the golf ball (resulting in higher ball speeds), crush zone technology has […]

Adams XTD 2014 line is in.

Adams XTD woods now have Taylor Made adjustable tips. But they’re no poor TM cousin as the Adams XTD wood line is made out of Titanium and is double slotted for higher ball flight. Adams XTD irons retain their bi-metal construction from past years (Tungsten added for perimeter weighting), but add TaylorMade’s iron slot technology […]

Tom Wishon discusses the benefits of custom fitting

Tom Wishon is one of the the golf industry’s most distinguished club designers.  He’s accredited with numerous design innovations and thousands of golf club designs.  He’s written prolifically about custom fitting in numerous publications including Golf Digest and Golf Magazine, and is the author of several books on the subject, including “The Search for the […]